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Help us build trust,
relationships, and partnerships among
neighbors, citizens, and immigrants of different
faiths and cultures


Mid East Dialogues

Youth Dialogue Corps.
Social Action Outreach Day and Graduation Wednesday, June 3rd

May 18, June 8th, July 27th

May 14th, June 11th, July 16th

May 20th, June 10th

Call The Dialogue Project at 718-768-2175 for more information.

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Participants explain how their personal lives and political beliefs meet and mesh through the practice of dialogue. Marginalized voices are encouraged, heard and have equal power.

Eman Rashid Palestinian Muslim American dialogue participant

Through the Dialogue process, we learn to see others as human beings, not "labels," and come to understand why people act out of fear and a need for safety. The Project is a form of social activism that promotes community and partnership.

It is a hard process: When I sit in Dialogue I am forced to think about other people's needs that are not my own, and I have to re-evaluate my own thoughts, prejudices, and fears. The process we learn in dialogue reminds us to stop going back to our visceral reactions of each other. I lived in Palestine for three years: I was shot at, yet in Dialogue I am able to sit across from Israeli soldiers and speak to them as they do to me, as human beings.

As a Palestinian American Muslim single mother, it means a lot to me that I have rabbis as friends, for example. My daughter and I have spent Shabbat with a rabbi and his family, and my daughter can play and interact with his children. I think Dialogue is important and necessary because it connects people generationally - so that we can pass along community-building communication skills, education, and empathy across divides. It strengthens our neighborhoods, lives, and families.


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